Order Set One — FREE

Why are printed books not available?
We hope to make printed books available as widely as possible. However, our ability to mail books varies greatly by language and country due to many factors. We will always have electronic books available for immediate download in all languages. If you have any special request or concern, please let us know in the comments area of the ordering process.
How do I order the next set?
Our reading program is composed of seven free books which are delivered in three separate sets. These sets are made up of introductory, intermediate, and advanced topics. The books are available as electronic eBooks or in printed format. Once your order has shipped or you have completely downloaded a set, we will send a reminder that you can place an order for the next set. You can also request a specific set of printed books in the comments area of the ordering process.
What will you do with my personal data?
Your personal information will be stored securely and never shared or sold, as outlined in our privacy policy. We collect this information in order to mail your order, confirm delivery, and contact you in case of any questions.
How can your books be given away free?
We are distributing free literature through donations, and we do so with the hope that people everywhere may simply learn about God in a deeper way. By ordering these books, you will never be asked for a donation, and you will not need to pay for postage or be bound to some future purchase. You may learn more about donations here.